Laura Brocchi


My training took place inside the historic family workshop, Brocchi 1815.

Established over two centuries ago in Siena in the cellars of the church of San Martino, where it is still nowdays, Brocchis’ metalsmith shop is a rare example in Italy of nineteenth-century craft workshop with a heritage of antique tools still working.

Originally the activity of the workshop was that of calderai (coppersmith), that is – working copper in slabs – to which in the twentieth century was flanked that of wrought iron.

During its history, the Bottega Brocchi has produced and keeps producing, besides objects of artistic furnishings, armours and weapons for the Palio historical parade, the “zucchini” of the jockeys, the plates and spears for the Palio itself, of which the Brocchi are suppliers for the City of Siena.

Nowadays the activities of the Workshop are carried on by Alessandro who forges the wrought iron.


Over the years I have made the choice to dedicate myself in particular to the technique of embossing of metals and painting on silk, diversifying my activities from that of the family Workshop.

From time to time I return to collaborate with my brother Alessandro on specific projects of artistic craftsmanship and restoration of metal antiques.