Laura Brocchi

I was born in Siena in 1970 and since childhood I grew up at the old family’s metalsmith art workshop.

After completing my studies of applied arts, I worked for some years as a graphic designer at a graphic studio and I attended painting courses to acquire specific knowledge in the several techniques that helped me develop my natural drawing ability.

Experience & tradition

Today I continue the family tradition working in the ancient Brocchis’ metalsmith art workshop, refining the techniques of embossing on metals more and more, and at the same time taking up painting on different supports and in particular on silk.

Over the years I have created numerous works for private individuals, Sienese and national institutions and associations, and in particular for the Contrade of Siena, for some of which I conceived and designed sketches and accessories for the monture (historical costumes worn by contrada people for solemn moments during the year), and I also painted flags, banners and drums.

After creating five masgalani, in which I put all my love for my City and its ancient traditions, in 2017 I painted the palio for the race of July 2, which represented a moment of synthesis of the art of painting and that of the overhang, to be considered my distinctive artistic trait.

Whether using metals such as copper, iron and silver, or painting on silk, I believe that in my works it is difficult to see the thin line that separates artistic craftsmanship from art.