My masgalani

Laura Brocchi

MY 5 masgalani

My main passion is to work metals, and as a Sienese, it is obvious that the commission of a masgalano represents for me an immense personal gratification. The masgalano is, in fact, the prize that is awarded to the Contrada whose aspect appears to be the best for elegance, dignity of bearing, and coordination during both historical parades that precede the Palio.

Since 1997 when I realized my first masgalano, this satisfaction has been repeated 5 times so far, many are my masgalani that make a fine show of themselves today in the museums of the Contrade of Istrice, Bruco, Pantera, Nicchio, and Torre.

My masgalani are all born from my original ideas and I have personally realized them all in every detail.

The technique of execution is the ancient one of the overhang and of the chisel, starting from a plate of silver, on which I carry the drawing and I create the bas-relief through the use of chisels, and hammers, heating gradually the work in the fire of the forge.

The main material is combined with other materials from time to time, such as iron, wood, marble, in the wake of the tradition of applied arts that have enriched and characterized the art of Siena.